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A step-by-step guide for Idaho home sellers

Are you thinking about selling your Treasure Valley home? Here are First Service Group’s expert tips to help you secure top dollar for your Idaho house for sale.

Step 1: Find a real estate agent to guide you through the process

Houses for sale by owner may be common in Boise, Idaho but this is not the ideal strategy for everyone. The home selling process is thorough, requiring a lot of time and effort that not all homeowners have.

For an efficient and rewarding home sale, partner with a real estate professional. Look for one who has substantial experience in selling the type of house that you own, as well as in-depth knowledge of your area’s housing market.

Step 2: Get the home ready to sell

The objective of every home seller is to attract attention from serious buyers. A good deal of effort goes into preparing a house to sell, but when done right, what you gain from the sale will make all of the time, energy, and money you invest in this step worth it.

Add these essential steps on your to-do list to make your property attractive in listing photos and presentable to any interested buyers who will come by for a viewing:

  • Clean inside and outside the house thoroughly
  • Declutter and depersonalize (removing or storing away personal keepsakes and décor) all living spaces to leave a tidy and neutral vibe around the house
  • Repair or replace for frequently use fixtures and amenities that may be worn out, such as electric sockets and switches, plumbing, and doorknobs and hinges
  • Improve or increase the amount of light that enters or is used in the main living and social areas of the house
  • Enhance the home’s “curb appeal” through cleaning, landscaping, and any necessary repairs to exterior walls, windows, and roofing

To make the most out of these changes, hire a professional stager and photographer. These experts know how to dress up your property and capture it in its best angles. With their help you can add attention-catching promotional materials like photos and videos to the promotional materials you can use to advertise your property.

Step 3: Determine the right asking price for the property

Setting the right price for your property requires a relevant and up-to-date market data, as well as an objective perspective. Your sentimental biases must not influence your decision on what price to attach to your property; otherwise you might risk overpricing the property.

Instead, work with your agent for a comparative analysis of similar homes for sale in your area. This will help you arrive at an accurate and reasonable asking price that will attract more attention from the buyer market in your area.

Step 4: Create a marketing and sales plan

Work with your agent to market your property effectively, too. Their experience and keen understanding of local buyer preferences will help you craft an attractive package that will not only attract the attention of buyers, but also keep them interested to learn more.

Ask for advice on the best time to put your property on the market. Good timing will help you give your listing the most exposure possible.

Step 5: Screen offers and negotiate toward the best deal

When your property is listed and offers start coming in, be patient and careful with your screening. It may be easy to be drawn to large-value offers and overlook the fine print.

Ask your agent to lend their expert eye to identify crucial conditions that may cause you to make large concessions toward the closing of the sale.

Use your agent’s negotiation skills to maximize your gains from the sale, as well. Their experience and objectiveness are important qualities that will keep the buyer engaged and interested in reaching a deal where both parties win.

Step 6: Cooperate with all contingency requirements during the escrow period

During escrow, the seller has the responsibility to accommodate the buyer as they take necessary steps to facilitate closing. The faster the buyer completes all contingency measures, the sooner you can close the sale.

Make the house available to inspectors and appraisers. Have important paperwork ready if they are required for review. Complete all required repairs identified through the home inspection to prevent any delays in closing.

Sell your property with First Service Group

For a smooth and stress-free home sale, work with Boise, ID real estate experts, First Service Group. Call 208.343.9393 or email Chris(at)FirstServiceGroup(dotted)com for more information about our trusted professional services.

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