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Land Use Planning

Why is Land Use Planning Beneficial?

The Populations of the Treasure Valley and State of Idaho continue to Grow exponentially! Quality development Land becomes an increasingly scarce resource, calling for land–use planning. Land–use planning is important to mitigate the negative effects of population growth and to enhance the efficient use of resources with minimal impact on future generations. This balance of the built environment and the landscape is what we strive for to obtain a quality outcome. Our in house land planner Chris Todd can assist you in determining the HIGHEST AND BEST USE for your property. Our land use services include a complete and comprehensive array of service from property evaluations and zoning reviews to full scale development. Our team is here to ensure your goals can be met and accomplished.

Whether you’re building a home, subdivision, a new facility for your business or a large scale retail or office development, your project is dependent upon expert land planning in Idaho to ensure that the property will be put to use in a way that is appropriate for the land itself, with attention paid to the needs of the community, natural resources and more. Chris Todd has been offering Idaho highly skilled land planning services since 2004. Here’s a look at what you can expect from him:

  • Wide range of projects:Our Company is proud of our long track record of offering comprehensive services to clients for a large variety of projects. We can review current zone requirements as well as proposals and applications, work with easement requirements, evaluate your project for utility requirements and infrastructure improvements, and much more.
  • Responsiveness throughout your project:Chris Todd has a strong reputation for being fully engaged during every phase of our clients’ projects. From planning stages through the completion of your project, you can count on us to always respond directly to your needs and requests.
  • Strong relationships:Because Chris Todd has served Idaho clients for more than 15 years, he has built up not only a deep and vast knowledge base, but also good, solid relationships with important agencies, contractors, consultants and other people and groups whose input or services may be necessary during work on our clients’ projects. This allows us to work more effectively toward ensure our clients’ needs are met on time and within budget.

Planning for the utilization of land in accordance with Municipal, State and Federal regulations is a complex process. Chris Todd, our Land Planner is constantly endeavoring to make land development projects most beneficial for our clients. Chris approaches the planning process with respect for the natural and built environments, and appreciation for the host community’s land use goals and objectives. We specialize in project review and approval, mediating and resolving land use problems, urban growth boundary expansion, code writing, inter-governmental coordination, and natural resource management.  We assist local governments in fulfilling their responsibilities to the public and to the law.

Whether assessing a property for development feasibility, or designing and permitting a specific proposal. Chris and our staff are there to assist our clients from concept to approval(s). Our extensive knowledge of contemporary design techniques and familiarity with applicable permitting processes allows for great efficiency in delivering a quality product to our clients in the following disciplines:

  • Development Feasibility, Property/Market Analysis and ProFormas
  • Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Site Layout
  • Subdivision Layout, Design and Permitting
  • Annexation and Zoning
  • Comprehensive Map and Text Amendments
  • Municipal Planning and Subdivisions
  • Preliminary Plats, Final Plats, Conditional Use Permits
  • Environmental Assessments and Analysis
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Recommendations
  • Consulting for Planning Zoning Enforcement and Review
  • Development Coordination: Survey, Planning, Engineering

As communities continue to grow they will be challenged with how to balance the needs of current & future residents along with the built and natural environment. By providing experience and expertise our goal is to work with our clients and represent them ethically and honestly in regards to the visions of their property. By helping shape and maneuver the land planning field we are here to assist our clients integrate their goals, their land and their values into a productive value added solution for many years to come.

Land Use Planning Services Contact:

Chris Todd Land Use Planner 208.899.0451 Chris(at)firstservicegroup(dotted)com

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