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Randall McLaughlin

Randall McLaughlin
12537 W. Goldcrest St. Star, ID 83669

McLaughlin brings over 15 years of real estate experience to First Service Group Real Estate. His colleagues describe him as funny, loyal, passionate, sarcastic, and have a dry sense of humor. He describes himself as being adventurous, compassionate, and a survivor. As someone who has been in sales and customer service his entire life, he prides himself on being a good listener and being able to turn that information into an understanding of his clients’ needs.

His goal is to turn clients into relationships that last a lifetime. Randall enjoys the real estate business because it allows him to be out and constantly meet new people and explore different areas of our beautiful State. The profession also allows him to spend time with those people and learn about their lives, interests, and dreams, and consequently, help them find a great home. When he’s not working, Randall enjoys Playing music, fly fishing, adventuring, and hiking. He also enjoys exploring the country and surf trips with his family.

With friends, he likes to fish, hunt, hike, camp, and play music. Fun Fact: Randall, his wife, and 4 kids once disappeared for 8 months and traveled the country in an RV exploring National Parks. He’s lived in the Treasure Valley for over 22 years.

He loves so much about the Boise Area from the people to the river running through the middle of town, to the easy access to trails, deserts, and mountains that surround it. “It allows for such a great active lifestyle”. Randall is actively involved with his church and passionate about organizations that help to protect women and children from abuse. He is also involved with organizations that seek to end human trafficking.

He lives by the motto, “Love God, Love Others.” If Randall could be anywhere right now, he’d be staying in a treehouse in Costa Rica with his family and surfing all day, But for now, you’ll find him serving his clients, and helping them with their residential real estate needs.

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